Dr. Anthony Bunker

Triginta Capital GmbH

Tony Bunker, born in London, is married and has two children. He is partner at Triginta Capital GmbH and was director / Geschäftsführer of Bridgepoint Capital in Germany for 10 years (NatWest Equity Partners) with more than 30 years of private equity experience in Germany. Before joining Bridgepoint he had been working with ATCO, a joint venture between ABN AMRO Capital and NIB Capital (Alpinvest), since 1995. Prior to this he worked 7 years with a German Investment Bank, where in his position as a managing partner he took responsibility in the form of managing director in „Mittelstand-companies" and led several successful turn-arounds for a corporate venture capital business. Tony has a British father and a German mother. He was educated in Germany and graduated at the University of Kent at Canterbury and Cambridge, England, with an MA and PhD. in Management Science where he had specialized in Operations Research and Computing. He financed his studies through early stage company ventures and holds a German doctor's degree, Dr. rer. pol. (Wirtschaftswissenschaften). He is board member of SSVL (Sterling Strategic Value Ltd), an activist investor in small publicly listed companies. Tony also holds board member seats in the following investee companies: bebarmatic GmbH (car parking equipment), HWN Titan GmbH (components made of titanium), pmg GmbH (components for the aerospace industry), Verkehrswacht Parkplatz GmbH (car park management) and Gr8odds Ltd. (it-gambling)

Recent transactions are:
Bebarmatic GmbH, MBO, 2015, Car Parking Equipment, GAD GmbH, 2015, Car rental Turnaround Service, Car24hGmbH, MBO, 2014, Car Delivery Services, PMG Precision Mechanics Group GmbH, MBO, 2013, parts for the aerospace industry, Fleetcare Service Spain, automotive service, Arwe add-on, 2013, BETTMER/Saalfrank, mail-order, Exit 2012, Clean Air Mobility, MBO, 2011, Core Optics, Telecom Transponder, Exit, 2010, Schaetti, chemicals, Exit 2009, Saalfrank, mail-order, add-on, 2008, VERKEHRSWACHT, car park operator, MBO, 2008, HWN Titan, Titanium Products, 2008, HOLMER, sugar beet harvesters, MBO, 2007, BETTMER, mail-order MBO, 2007, ARWE, business services, MBO, 2007, SCHAETTI, speciality chemical adhesives, MBO, 2007, MANAGEMENT 2000 Exit 2006, KAFFEE PARTNER Exit 2005, SWISS CAPS, Pharma, (plus Dragenopharm) AENOVA MBO, 2005, FORSTINGER, Automotive Retail, MBO, 2004, LLOYD WERFT Exit 2003, KAFFEE PARTNER, OBO, 2002, vending machine operator, EUROCOM DEPORA Exit 2001, EDSCHA, HAUSER, COMPUTER PARTNER Exit 2000; MANAGEMENT 2000, Staffing, MBO, 2000, Director, TTH, Plastic Components, MBO, 2000,Director, COMPU'TRAIN, IT Training in NL, B, F, MBO, 1999, Director, AUTINFORM, SAP software consultants, Germany, OBO, 1998, Director. LLOYD WERFT, Passenger ship repair and maintenance, Germany, MBO, 1998, Director. COMPUTER PARTNER AG, Computer systems-house group, Germany, MBO/OBO, 1998, Director. EDSCHA, Automobile supplier, Germany, MBO, 1997, Director. TTF, Plastic components, Germany, MBO, 1997, Director. KLEIN & WEIDEN, Plastic windows, Germany, MBO, 1996, Director. HAUSER, Office equipment, Germany, MBO, 1996, Director. KRAMMENSCHNEIDER, anodising and galvanising plant, Germany, Trade sale, 1995, Director. GVM VERBUNDMETALLE, Explosive cladding, Germany, Trade sale, 1994, Director. ELMTE GMBH, Electronic circuit boards, Germany, Trade sale, 1993. HUNOLD GMBH, Freight forwarding, Germany, Trade sale, 1994. AUGUST DE HEER, Metal components, Germany, MBO, 1993, Director. FINKELDEI GMBH, Furniture, Germany, MBI, 1993.

Triginta Capital GmbH, triginta-capital.com, is owned by its executives and high net worth individuals and is the private equity manager of a number of venture and tech funds in Germany with about € 500 mill. equity under management which all have reached maturity. The Triginta MidCap Fund is a € 80 mill. fund backed by Lehman Brothers (Neuberger), Greenpark, Triginta and Ärzteversorgung Westfalen-Lippe which expired in 2014. Triginta Capital had specialized in acquiring secondary portfolios and was a buy out from the ERGO insurance group in 2004. Since then it has developed into a manager and co-investor of small mid-cap transactions on a deal by deal basis together with high net worth individuals, family offices, friends and family and together with its own shareholders.